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JiangyinHLA Market Segment to Create Men's National Brand

On November 4-9, the first domestic public interest experience exhibition with the theme of down and feathers -HLA"excellent quality" down and wonderful exhibition, launched in Shanghai Zhengda Plaza, sounded theHLAdeepening market segment Speed up the "horn" of classified marketing. In the next stage,HLAwill continue to expand the store, pay more attention to the consumer experience, introduce more new products suitable for consumer demand, and strive to create a national brand of men's wear.

The exhibition revolves around the three themes of “down feathers you don’t know”, “personal interaction experience” and “feather-neck fashion show”, which brings a unique experience of feathers and fun. The audience can experience the wonders of down through a variety of interactive experiences. A "feather-neck fashion show" jointly performed by Chinese and foreign models has brought a gorgeous visual feast to the audience.HLADesign Director Huang Qi said that this autumn and winter,HLA has launched a total of more than 150 down jackets in three series of thin, commercial and fur, providing consumers with a great choice.

Accelerating the layout of down products is a microcosm ofHLA category strategy. Since last year's "Hi-T" style T-shirt display event,HLA has taken the pace of creating key categories, from supply chain to store management to category brand promotion, and constantly introduces a wide variety and high quality. High cost performance product category. According to Huang Qi,HLA has developed more than 10,000 new products every quarter.

At the beginning of the establishment ofHLA, the new marketing model of national chain, super-large scale and men's clothing has triggered a new round of revolution in the Chinese clothing market. Its affordable and high-quality market positioning, style and multi-products are all-category strategies. The non-interfering self-selected shopping method quickly won the favor of consumers and created a distinctive brand image of “HLA – Men's Wardrobe”, offering products covering almost all categories of men's clothing.

For many years, the clothing version ofHLA has not followed the established size standards in China, but has been continuously adjusting the size of Chinese men's body and setting up their own independent body size database. In addition, the selection of high-quality surface accessories is also the direction of theHLA. This "excellent quality" down and wonderful exhibition is a powerful measure forHLA quality to open the men's wear market for down jackets. (Liu Xiao)