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Hundreds of fake brand names, such as online sales of fake sea otters, men were sentenced by buyers
2015/07/18 Jiaxing, July 14 (Reporter Zhao Xiaoyan) On July 14, Zhejiang Jiaxing Tongxiang Court sentenced a Taobao shop owner for selling counterfeit registered trademarks and sentenced the defendant Xiaocheng to one year and two months. The probation was suspended for one year and six months, and the fine was 31,000 yuan. The illegal gains and counterfeit clothing seized in the case were also confiscated. In March of this year, the Tongxiang brothel police station received an alarm from Mr. Wang, who said that the shirts of the “HLA” that he bought online were rough and suspected to be fake. Mr. Wang was very confused. He went to the store and saw that the shirt he bought was very different from the authenticity in the store. Mr. Wang was very angry and immediately reported the police. The public security and industry and commerce quickly locked the store, and found 609 pieces of "seven wolves" in their warehouses, 117 pieces of "HLA" clothing, 12 pieces of clothing, 28 pieces of "Jinba" clothing and related collars. Packaging bags, tags, etc., with a total value of about 25,000 yuan. Xiaocheng is a local guy in the Tongxiang brothel. After graduating from high school last year, he has not found a suitable job. He likes to go online and learns that others have opened an online store. It was very difficult to get started. Xiaocheng tried to sell a lot of things, but not only the profit margin, but also the sales volume. Looking at the goods piled up at home, Xiaocheng decided to learn to sell "brands". He rented a room in his own community to work as an office and warehouse. He opened the Taobao shop "Aoqun Talent" and "Hyun Wolf Clothing Flagship Store", and put the white clothes purchased on the market with fake "seven wolves". Brand-name trademarks such as “HLA” are packaged and sold through online stores. With a famous brand support, plus the previous accumulation, Xiaocheng's career is booming. In just a few months, he produced and sold more than 300 pieces of "seven wolves" clothing, with sales of 15,300 yuan, "Haiyan Home" clothing totaling more than 470 pieces, and illegal income of more than 20,200 yuan. In the court, Xiaocheng regretted his actions. The court held that Xiaocheng did not use the same trademark as the registered trademark on the same commodity without the permission of the registered trademark owner, and counterfeited two or more trademarks. More than 60,000 yuan, its behavior has constituted the crime of counterfeiting registered trademarks. After Xiaocheng confessed to the facts of the crime, he was given a lighter punishment. Some of the counterfeit clothing in this case has not yet flowed into the society, and it is lightly punished as appropriate. In view of the fact that Xiaocheng took the initiative to withdraw the illegal income, there is indeed a performance of repentance, and the probation is applied according to law.