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Glorious Triumph 2018 HLA Top 200 Awards Ceremony Closed Successfully

In March, spring breezes ten miles. The salesman of "Top Two Hundreds" of the magnificentHLA triumphed gloriously from all over the country. A warm hug, a sincere greeting, a warm scarf, a lovely rose, dedicated to the most lovely scarf hero.

On March 28, the 2018 HLA Top 200 Awards Ceremony was solemnly held atHEILAN Headquarters. 400 "Top 100" storekeepers lined up on the red carpet to receive the highest specifications and honors of Hailan Home every year! In addition, this year, 1600 shopkeepers from all over the country returned to their headquarters to watch and learn!

In the Group Convention and Exhibition Center, 400 top 200 shopkeepers lined up and were personally welcomed by Chairman Zhou Jianping of the Group. The award ceremony presented three awards, namely "Growth Award", "Potential Award" and "Beyond Award". We firmly believe that in 2019,HLAwill be able to achieve new and greater transcendence!