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The Sound of the HLA and Landscape in the New Year Concert in 2019 plays a magnificent movement to carry forward Chinese traditional culture

2018 waved to us, and the bell of 2019 had sounded. Listening to a New Year concert has become an elegant and fashionable way forHLA people to welcome the New Year every year. On the evening of January 1, the 2009HLA Voice New Year Concert was held as scheduled. More than 3300 audiences, includingHLA cadres and staff, jointly enjoyed the symphony concert in the Golden Hall ofHLA Art Museum to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.

The concert was performed by famous conductor Xiao Ming and accompanied by Changsha Symphony Orchestra. Yin Xiumei, Yang Hongji, Meng Guanglu, Dong Yuanyuan, Sun Liying, Jiang Kemei, Liu Lisha, Zewangduoji, Jinshan, Xiao Kaiwen and many other artists gathered to dedicate a symphony music festival with diverse and splendid repertoire.