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Five years before the public welfare road, HLA "more than one gram of warmth" into Daliangshan

On November 6, 2018, starting from Hongqi Primary School in Daliangshan, Sichuan, the fifth year of "one gram more warmth" public welfare donation was officially opened. Hongqi Primary School is located in Daliangshan Yi Autonomous Region at the junction of Sichuan and Yunnan. It has an elevation of more than 2,000 meters and has a total of more than 80 students. Most of them live scattered in surrounding Yi villages, and go to school every day by themselves through muddy mountain paths.

After more than five hours of trekking on the rugged mountain road, the "one gram more warm" convoy finally arrived at Hongqi Primary School. The children lined up neatly under the teacher's organization. They looked at the visitors in the distance timidly and seemed to realize that "one gram more warmth" would make a difference in their winter. The children who received the down jacket said "Kashashasha" to the volunteers, which means "thank you" in the Yi language. They carefully wore down jackets over thin coats. A volunteer asked them, "What else do you want besides new clothes?" Most of the answers I heard were "don't want the teacher to go", "want to grow up quickly", "want to see the outside world"...

This year, aiming at the relatively backward situation of education in remote mountainous areas, HLA, together with Netease News, and MOOC online and offline incubation in China University, has created a "one more lesson warm" curriculum platform, hoping to effectively solve the problem of lack of teachers in remote areas.

Over the past five years, the public welfare system of "more than one gram of warmth" has been deepening and growing with the pace of national policy, and has become more and more mature. HLA, with its own sense of corporate responsibility, through the five-year action of "one gram more warmth" public welfare team, makes its own help and support for children and teachers in remote mountainous areas.

Every year before donation, HLA will send staff to visit remote mountainous areas. Each down jacket is tailored to the height and body shape of children and teachers. In addition, the "one gram more warmth" team will evaluate past donations to schools every year, and donations will continue as long as they need them. On this basis, we will continue to expand the scope, scale and coverage of donations, and strive to let more children in remote mountainous areas enjoy the care brought by "one gram more warmth".

The winter of 2018 is approaching. Starting from Daliangshan Mountain, "one gram more warmth" will continue on its way to send down jackets to HLA for other schools in remote mountainous areas throughout the country. Five-year public welfare road is not the end but the beginning. As long as the winter is still there, "more than one gram of warmth" has been on the road!