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2017 Heilan Home Co., Ltd. Double 100 Awards Ceremony ended successfully

On March 28th, the 2017Heilan Home Co., Ltd. Double 100 Awards Ceremony was held at the headquarters of Heilan Home Co., Ltd. Group. The 380 “Double Top 100” store managers from all over the country accepted the annual specifications and the highest honors of the store. In addition, there are 1,620 store managers returning to the headquarters this year to observe and study.

380 double-strong store managers entered the stadium and were personally greeted by Chairman Zhou Jianping. The awards ceremony presented three awards: “Growth Award”, “Potential Award” and “Beyond Award”. At the awarding ceremony, the 10 “Five consecutive champions” of the top 100 store managers sent a gift to the chairman of the board of directors of all the stores in the country, with the autograph of 4,506 store managers across the country. Chairman Zhou Jianping also wrote his own name in the most central place, which means that everyone's heart and the chairman's heart are always together. This became the most inspiring scene at the awards ceremony. 2018 is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Heilan Home Co., Ltd. Group, and it is a new starting point for Heilan Home Co., Ltd. to enter a new era of 100 billion.

We firmly believe that under the leadership of Chairman Zhou Jianping's strategy, under the correct leadership of President Zhou Lijun, the aircraft carrier of Heilan Home Co., Ltd. will be able to ride the wind and waves, sail and sail, and achieve great transcendence!