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2016 Heilan Home Co., Ltd. achieves a total retail sales of nearly 30 billion, and a net increase of more than 1,000 stores.

According to the annual report released byHeilan Home Co., Ltd.    recently, in 2016, the national brandHeilan Home Co., Ltd.    (including the holding subsidiary brand) completed a total of nearly 30 billion yuan in terminal retail sales, a year-on-year increase of 10%. The net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was 3.123 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.74%; the basic earnings per share was 0.70 yuan; and it was proposed to distribute a cash dividend of 4.90 yuan (including tax) for every 10 shares of all shareholders, totaling 2.202 billion yuan.

Multi-brand strategy to add luster, love rabbits women's performance eye-catching The company has always adhered to the "golden location, diamond shop" store principle, the company's stores throughout the country's 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities), covering more than 80% of counties and cities. In recent years, on the basis of consolidating the coverage of third- and fourth-tier cities, the company continues to seize high-quality commercial resources, actively infiltrate and radiate to first- and second-tier cities, and at the same time increase the expansion of shopping malls and continuously optimize the marketing of store networks. layout. In 2016, the number of physical stores in the company totaled 5,243, including 4,237 “Haicang Home” stores, 630 “Aiju Rabbit” stores, and 376 “Haiyi” stores, with a net increase of 1,253, an increase of 31.40%. .

In 2016, the women's love rabbits in the growth stage performed very well, and the growth rate of business income was as high as 67.17%, and the growth potential was expected. Products set off a fashion frenzy, accelerate the promotion of brand upgrade In 2016, the company's products on the basis of insisting on cost-effective, targeted product direction planning and style differentiation. Sub-brandHeilan Home Co., Ltd.    House has launched a series of "Color Cow Series", "Father's Day Cotton Series", "Huaizhen (Chinese Style) Series", "Famous Designer Cooperation Series" and "Fashion Coat Series". Products, style is more youthful and fashionable. Among them, the XANDERZHOU+Heilan Home Co., Ltd. limited cooperation series launched byHeilan Home Co., Ltd.    and Zhou Xiangyu, the world's top menswear designer, quickly set off a huge wave in the fashion trend. The new products have attracted more young consumers, not only have achieved remarkable sales results, but also enhanced the brand's quality image. In order to accelerate the promotion of brand promotion, the company pursues the best combination of hot resources and cost-effectiveness from the brand demand, and enhances the brand's reputation, fashion and youth.Heilan Home Co., Ltd.    strengthens cooperation with phenomenal popular variety shows such as "The Strongest Brain", "Masked Singing Guess", "Mars Intelligence Bureau 2", etc., strengthens the connection between programs and brands, and is more effective with consumers. The communication has realized the transformation from program attention to brand cognition, which highlights the national brand style.

2016 has achieved remarkable results, and 2017 further improved business performance In recent years, the company has always adhered to the core of high cost performance, gathered and integrated the advantageous resources of the industrial chain, accelerated the integration of online and offline all channels, and achieved sustained and steady growth in business performance. In September 2016,Heilan Home Co., Ltd.    was selected as “2016 Hurun Brand List” with a brand value of RMB 11 billion, ranking first in the Chinese apparel industry. In November,Heilan Home Co., Ltd.    won the “2016 Best Listed Company in China” in the 2016 A-share listed company's future value ranking list. In January 2017, in the China Fashion Network Festival,Heilan Home Co., Ltd.    House won the “2016 Top Ten Influential Clothing Brands”. In 2017, the company will continue to focus on consumer demand and leverage its core competitive advantage. The company plans to achieve an operating income increase of 5%-10% over the same period of the previous year. At the same time, it will continue to make necessary adjustments according to the macro environment and market trends to further enhance business performance.