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Fun fashion!Heilan Home Co., Ltd. Performs Chinese and English Art Exchange Ceremony in the Forbidden City

On the evening of September 28th, the “Sea-wide --Chinese-English Art Fashion Festival” organized byHeilan Home Co., Ltd. House and Phoenix Art and British Council was held at the Palace Museum in Jianfu Palace. As a continuation of the “Chinese Style – Sino-English Communication: Fashion and Art Dialogue Salon” held in June, the event explored the integration of Chinese and British cultures and the cross-border cooperation between art and fashion. At the same time, it also ended the "crossing this moment • Chinese-English exchange year global men's design competition".

In the afternoon of the "Hai Kuiyi - Sino-British Art Aesthetics Forum", Zhou Lijun, general manager ofHeilan Home Co., Ltd. Home Clothing Co., Ltd. delivered a speech. At the ceremony, the presidents ofHeilan Home Co., Ltd. Group, Zhou Jianping and Zhou Lijun, were invited as special guests to present awards to Chinese wind-cooperating artists and winners of the “Crossing the International Chinese Men's Design Competition”. In recognition of the contribution ofHeilan Home Co., Ltd. Home in cultivating Chinese art design talents and promoting international academic cooperation, the party also awarded Zhou Lijun the “Cross-Bound Pioneer Award”.Heilan Home Co., Ltd.  is committed to the exchange of Eastern and Western culture, the integration of fashion and art, and is highly praised by the guests.