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Participate in the Heilan Group Co., Ltd.-Commerce Summary Conference twice a year, each time with a new feeling!

"Happy e-commerce, I am the master", this is not only a slogan of Heilan Group Co., Ltd.-commerce, but also the culture and essence of each e-commerce partner, they integrate happiness into their work, and write the sea with passion The movement of the e-commerce business.

On July 25th, Heilan Group Co., Ltd.-commerce, a group of small-sized meats with great brains and superior strength, used the creative PPT form to interpret the e-commerce “Big Data” in the first half of 2015, and made a special summary. The results achieved in the first half of 2015.

The mid-year conference was based on the theme of “breaking and standing” and was divided into three parts: “breaking”, “holding” and “standing”. What is "broken"? In the competition of major brands on mainstream platforms such as Tmall, Jingdong and Vipshop, Heilan Group Co., Ltd.-commerce breaks the inherent thinking, embraces new changes, adheres to the brand positioning and the most cost-effective product philosophy, and walks out a seabre e-commerce company. The road to development; "breaking" and then "holding", Heilan Group Co., Ltd.-commerce has always had its own persistence and perseverance, sincerely maintain the only way, always practice its own ideals and goals; "hold" and then "stand" Heilan Group Co., Ltd.-commerce adheres to the enterprise spirit of “continuously denying itself and always pursuing excellence”, bravely criticizes, and faces the challenges of the future with persistent beliefs.

At the scene, Haili’s director Zhou Lijun, Haiyi’s financial director Qian Yaping, and Haishu’s general manager Chen Lei presented awards to outstanding performers. Zhou Lijun, director ofHeilan Home Co., Ltd., made a concluding speech. He laughed and said that “two e-commerce summary conferences are held every year, and each time has a new feeling.” This mid-year conference is a rare opportunity to listen to the voice. E-commerce's excellent results in the first half of 2015, and further look forward to the second half of 2015, Heilan Group Co., Ltd.-commerce can create new achievements!