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HLA Market launched 40,000 summer training

On July 6, the 2015 Summer Training Program ofHLA Market officially kicked off. The training will be headed by the Minister of Training, the head of the training store, and the store manager's training format. It will involve 32 provinces, 23 business offices, 72 regional training stations, 3,500 store managers, and more than 38,000 store employees.

It can be described as a grand voice and a grand view. It is reported that this is also the largest, most extensive and most practical training event in China's garment industry. The training will lay a solid foundation for better sales in the second half of the year! The training was first carried out at the headquarters ofHLA, and the first round of centralized training for the management staff of the marketing department and above was launched. From July 6th to 7th, the leaders of theHLA Market Department taught the supervisors that "the end is flat, it is Taiping", "a face of the manager, determines the store atmosphere", "customers are always Right, "Execute absolutely, you will do" four lessons. And use video teaching materials and written textbooks to convey the copy to all employees at the same time. This year's summer training lectures are fully developed in line with the actual operation of the store, fully reflecting the characteristics of the chain management ofHLA. Focus on improving the service level of the store and strengthening the construction of the store team. This summer training has set up 72 regional training stations in various provinces across the country to provide close training for store managers in each region. These trained store managers will relay their employees to their respective stores. Do not ask outsiders, do it yourself, train the mind, practice skills, improve the professional ability of all employees, cultivate the training ability of management personnel, and exercise the organizational skills of the marketing team.

Chairman Zhou Jianping attached great importance to the summer training and personally planned and guided the training activities. The marketing department unified the preparation of teaching materials, unified venue layout, unified training process, unified training progress, unified logistics support, and unified supervision and assessment. Ensuring that the summer training work can be completed with quality and quantity, reflecting the high execution and cohesiveness of the Haiyan people.