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The 2nd Double 100 Awards Ceremony of HLA was held

Spring is like a wave, flowers are like the sea, and the sea otters in March are intoxicating. On March 28th, the award ceremony of the 2nd Double Hundred Strong Stores ofHLA was held in the Group Headquarters Convention and Exhibition Center.

At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, in the sound of drums and drums, under the welcome of the staff at the headquarters, representatives from the top 100 stores across the country, dressed in uniform tooling, wearing red scarves, embarked on the red carpet and entered the venue. .

The award ceremony was held with three awards: Growth Award, Potential Award and Beyond Award. A total of 290 store managers and 144 supervisors were commended. Chairman Zhou Jianping and other leaders presented awards to the award-winning representatives, and shook hands with them, and took a group photo to encourage them to make persistent efforts in the future work and achieve better results.

At the awarding ceremony,HLA "Witness" represents a period of impassioned speech, and everyone who is here is full of blood, so that the home managers will have confidence in the future ofHLA home. At the scene, Huang Yong, a good voice student in China, sang "I Love You China" and sang the heart ofHLA home to create a "national brand" and pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax.