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Not crazy, no annual meeting - HLA Market Department Spring Festival Dinner is happy

On the evening of February 6, the 2015 Spring Festival Gala Dinner ofHLA Market was held in the Sunan Restaurant. The marketing department’s friends celebrated the bumper harvest in 2014 with a happy song and dance show to welcome the arrival of the 2015 New Year. The "PK" mechanism was once again quoted. The employees in the northern and southern regions did not give each other a hand, and they all took out the programs that they had mastered. From Xinjiang song and dance, Ansai waist drums, grassland folk songs, Shaolin martial arts to the Northeastern Yangge, the wonderful programs one by one. Seeing colleagues who rushed to the front line in the market on weekdays, they were all stunted and versatile, and their friends were shocked. The actors performed on the stage, and the colleagues cheered and applauded under the stage. The atmosphere at the scene was really "turning over the sky."

The large screen on the scene also broadcasts the New Year greetings expressed by local store staff in local dialects, which makes people feel the warmth of theHLA.