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Warm your way back in a hurry - HLAbrand image shiny high-speed rail station

The 40-day Spring Festival 2015 officially kicked off. TheHLA seized the LED digital media of 15 high-speed rail stations in Beijing, including Hangzhou South Railway Station, Hangzhou East Railway Station and Nanjing South Railway Station, and launched a warm holiday blessing to warm the wandering journey of the wanderer. .

During the Spring Festival of 2015, the national railway is expected to send 2.095 billion passengers, an increase of 10.1% year-on-year, with an average daily average of 7.23 million.HLA's home relies on the strong passenger flow of the high-speed railway station, and the 15 stations are linked to broadcast the image ofHLA's home on the high-definition railway LED high-definition screen. Du Fu's image of the young and energetic brand image is sent to the people of the whole country for the Spring Festival. I wish you all the best. The career is a grand vision and life is colorful. On the big screen of the LED, theHLAlogo is yellow and blue, and it is bright and bright. The slogan of “Going home for the New Year, visiting the home ofHLA” sounds from time to time in the ears of passengers.

In this cold and windy season, the temperature is plummeting, but the charm of men cannot be reduced. Going home for the New Year, stop your hasty steps for a while, and visit theHLA House. There are a lot of products here. Whether you are attending a New Year’s party or going out to play,HLA’s home will help you become the focus of the audience. Demonstrate the romantic warmth of winter and show the urban style.